The Sahara Desert Camel Trekking.
Camel treks in the Sahara Desert.
Expeditions in the Desert :

Option 1: Sunrise /Sunset Camel Trek.
In the afternoon two hours camel trek to assist the great sunset and enjoy sand dunes, spend the night in kasbah-hotel with dinner and breakfast and early mooring get up for the sunrise camel trek.
Option 2: Night Camel Trek.
Begin in the afternoon two hours before the sunset and the travelers have to be ready to spend the night in the camp (Berber tents in the middle of the sand dunes after crossing the highest sand dunes and during this adventure the person will assist the sunset and get to the camp and have a mint tea “Berber whiskey” under a Berber tent with dinner, have a drum party with Berber music under the sky full of the stars, in the morning you have to get up for the sunrise and see a golden color on the sand dunes then, have a Berber breakfast in this quiet area then, camel trek back to the kasbash hotel.
Option 3: Day / Night Camel Trek.
Begin in the morning and during this camel trek you will cross all sand dunes to get to the Berbers/Bedouins families living in black desert (lahmada) and you will have an idea about nomads traditions and have a look how they live and will have a lunch with them and take a rest before being ready for the rest of the tour, two hours before the sunset you have to ride your camels to get to the camp existing in the middle of the sand dunes and be ready to sleep the night in a Berber tents and under the stars with a delicious dinner and a sweet breakfast after the sunrise after climbing the dunes close by your tents back to the hotel.
Option 4: 2 Days/2 Nights Camel trek.
This trip depends of the time more than the others and you will have the lucky to see more interesting places around a large distance sand dunes, black desert crossing the oasis and spending the nights with the Bedouins/Berbers families, visiting villages and mainly the desert lacs mainly when they are full of water after a great rain seasons.
Option 5: 12 days Camel Trek.
This trip is the more fascinating tour in the Sahara desert crossing many oases, valley and villages existing between the erg chebbi sand dunes of Merzouga and the sand dunes of chgaga in zagora during those 12 days you will have opportunities to live the real Sahara desert and will have great ideas about the real life of the people living in those places, also you will test the dream and the life that the ancestors had in the history during their Sahara desert travel.
* Things to have with us:
-Transportation: car/4x4/minibus
-Moroccan food (tajine, kalia, couscous,
Berber pizza, Moroccan salad).
-Dromedary for each person .
-Shower, toilet (water closet (WC)).
* Things to see with us:
-Sand dunes, sunrise and sunset
-Berbers villages and Kasbah
-Palm tree oasis
-The Black Desert and Berber/Bedouin families
-Mountains and canyon...
* Things to bring with you:
-Turban or hat, sunglasses
-Sun screen, pharmacy items
-Flashlight, walking shoes
-Sleeping bag.
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